Beth Samp Artist Statement

“They continued for a long time to look on us women artists as charming and gifted amateurs, denying us any real professional status.”  

Hannah Höch  

I was raised in suburban Detroit and was lucky to have parents that frequently took me to the Detroit Institute of Arts. My mother often used these museum trips as opportunities to encourage me to think about the representation of women as both subjects and creators in the visual arts. While studying art history at The University of Michigan my interest in the representation of women in art deepened, making gender identity and the social construct of the "feminine" focal points in my art.


I work in digital photo collage because of the unique results that come from combining technology and creativity. I find inspiration in popular culture, history and comedy. I particularly enjoy adding absurdities and humor to my pieces. I prefer using vintage photos to construct my contemporary take on gender because I believe we can cultivate a better future by understanding the past.