E is for Edward Who Wrote Gorey Stories

October 31, 2017



Info and resources on Edward Gorey  American (1925-2000)

  • Born February 22, 1925 in Chicago IL and died April 15, 2000 in Cape Cod, MA 

  • He worked as an illustrator on a wide range of literary subjects like Dracula and War of the Worlds

  • He wrote and illustrated over 90 books 

  • He is best known for pen and black ink drawings with a 1920s theme 

  • He used dark subject matter, particularly death with a twist of humor.

Read an interview with Alexander Theroux ,Edward's close friend, here. 


Most famous works:


The Gashlycrumb Tinies (1963)        

  • Illustrations of children listed alphabetically along with their grizzly deaths

  • Edwardian Era (1901-1910) fashion 

  • Signature black and white in illustration

  • My favorite Gashlycrumb Tiny is Neville who died of ennui 



Read an interesting article about The Gashlycrub Tinies here.



The Dwindling Party (1982)


  • The story of how six members of the MacFizzet family monstrously disappear during a visit to Hickyacket Hall, leaving behind only young Neville.

  • Used a 'pop-up' book format which is unusual for the subject matter

  • Signature black and white in illustration


PBS Mystery series Intro animation  1980's


  • 1920's fashion

  • Murder mystery and death theme

  • Signature black and white illustration






Here are some of my Gorey inspired doodles - I 'd love to see any of yours! 






 Cheers and Happy Halloween!!! 


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