I have been spoiled by the fantastic local art scene booming in Grand Rapids. Emily Mayo is a local artist whose installations and sculptures are gravity defying and breathtaking. I first saw her work at ArtPrize 2017 where she had entered Kaphar.  I was immediately drawn to the  fragile beauty created out of the remnants of arson.  


Ms. Mayo's most recent installation at Kendall College of Art and Design Fed Galleries did not disappoint. The small, charred remnants making up Tĕmahh  float mystically in the air at eye level. The empty space emphasizes how what we cannot see impacts art. The balance of solid elements and emptiness makes Tĕmahh a dynamic,engaging piece; a new form reveals itself with every step taken around the installation. I am lucky to have been able to experience this work 'in person' and can't wait to see what's next!  




Emily Mayo, Tĕmahh, Levitating Charcoal Installation, 2018





A huge thank you to the artist for allowing me to use photos I took at the installation on my site. I encourage you to explore more of her fantastic work at emilyrosemayo.com



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