Farewell to Women's History Month 2018

For Women's History Month I posted about a different female artist each day in March on my Twitter feed. I learned A LOT  and I got to know the works of many artists I was unfamiliar with. While women artists are becoming more visible in contemporary art, female artists are mostly under-represented in the art history canon. Artists like Marisol Escobar stress why Women's History Month is still so important. She was highly regarded in the 1960s and worked in the same circles of many famous male artists but she is not widely known. Women's History Month allows art historians to focus on these amazing artists and continue to share their stories that are frequently drowned out. 

I challenge you to learn more about art created by females and help them get represented in art institutions. 

I will end this blog with a quote by one of my favorite artists and my homage to her.


“They continued for a long time to look on us women artists as charming and gifted amateurs, denying us any real professional status.”  Hannah Höch



Homage to the Collage Queen, Hanna Höch

Digital Collage, 2018



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